7 Best Thoracic Spine Stretcher To Relieve Back Pain In 2022

If your Profession involves sitting a lot, lifting heavy objects and staying on your feet for along time you very well must have had a back pain at one point or another or your your back may already be screaming for help! If this condition is left unattended, it may become chronic but wait it doesn’t have to be that way since the invention of thoracic spine stretchers also known as back stretchers which help relieve pain from the back and give you a feeling of relief from all the activities that strain your backbone. Lets now dive into the best thoracic spine stretchers in 2022.

7 Best Thoracic Spine Stretchers You Need To Try Now In 2022!

  • Travel Friendly at 1.2 Lbs
  • Has 3 levels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has acupressure grants

The ChiFit Lumbar back pain relief device using its acupressure grants relieves pain from the back by unwinding your lumbar and back tension from. it has a multi level  design consisting of three gear adjustment which allows you to adjust it according to your preference and how far you want to stretch. Also being lightweight it can be taken with with you on the go be it at home or the office.

Key Features





The Multi-level back stretching device being a self massager, it helps in easing stress and relieving of chronic back pain after a long day from work you don’t have to put up with the pain when you can acquire this self massager to play its part in soothing you. Its lightweight but also made of great quality ABS. Its also a multipuporse  self massager that can be used for the whole body, the shoulders, the back, lower back and also helps in posture correction. In a wrap it doesn’t need power or a battery so it saves you a big deal of electricity and you still get the back or body pain relief.

Key Features

  • Light weight but of great quality
  • Multipurpose self massager
  • No power no battery required

Being made of padded leather this arch style back stretcher gives you comfortable support as it relieves pain, arches and pain off your back. With a hollow column in the middle it gives your spine space to rest as you go on to relax your muscles. On top of relieving pain, it also increases flexibility and corrects posture.

Key Features

  • Travel friendly
  • Padded leather for extra comfort
  • Suitable for a stiff back

The reehut yoga wheel with its superior padding and vein pattern deem it anti-slip making it sweat resistant and also the material is easy to clean. With the TPE foam it puts up aggressive resistance where it withstands a maximum of 330lbs and safe to use. It fits the curve of the back for thorough spine stretching. Mainly targeting the shoulders, back, spine, abdomen, hips and chest improving your overall core strength.

Key Features



  • Sweat resistant
  • Impact resistance upto 330 lbs
  • Lightweight and durable (2.86 lb)

These balls help in releasing knots for deep tissue massage. They can be used on calf, back, quad muscles and feet.The problematic areas should be targeted and isolated for deep self massage and pain relief. The double lacrosse balls increase mobility and recovery time for the hurt and overworked muscles. Coming with a tote bag makes storage and travelling easier.

  • Solid hard rubber for longevity
  • Tote bag for easy storage and travel
  • Pinpoint knots for deep tissue masssage
  • Better range of motion

The SOLIDBACK back stretcher comes with hard material to enable proper stretching without collapsing under your weight.  The spiky arch is designed in a way that it deeply penetrates and stretches the upper and lower back muscles totally. Also the contour at the center was made to align the spinal cord when in use. Being as it has an extra hard material it can support up to 300+ lbs. It is recommended for people with conditions such as sciatica nerve pain, herniated disc pain, back stiffness, lumbar and lower back pain. Also you can check out our guide on how to relieve pain and pressure from your feet.

Key Features

  • Extra hard foam
  • Spiky design for deep penetration
  • supports upto 300+ lbs

With the True Back Stretcher, spinal decompression can be done at any place of your convenience like home and workplace. It comes portable, lightweight, ready to use with no need to assemble. The traction design exerts pressure on the right points of the spine making the spine to stretch naturally. 

Key Features

  • Exerts pressure on right points
  • No need to assemble
  • One size for all body sizes

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